Developed as a part of the Erasmus + FUTUREfacing project, this database is includes a list of products, qualities and manufacturers of finishes and coatings of the furniture industry. This database id available online for free and aimed to teachers and students of VET as well as other agents in the wood value chain (companies, consumers, etc.)

We hope that it becomes a regular source of information for teachers and students as well as furniture manufacturers. If you are a finishing manufacturer you can send us the information of your products to be included in this database. This tool is complementary to the most traditional written media that, while providing undoubted value, are more ephemeral in time and lack the search and filter tools that a platform of this type can offer.

The Erasmus + FUTUREfacing project has been funded with the support of the European Commission. This database is the sole responsibility of its author. Therefore, the Commission is not responsible for the use that can be made of the information disseminated here